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Are your festive lights structurally safe

Electrical Testing Ltd. covers the lighting network of the United Kingdom assessing annually in excess of 500,000 street lights and approving their use for the erection of attachments such as festive decorations.

To determine if your lighting columns can withstand the additional load of a festive decoration, you should complete a structural test with a design demonstrating compliance to BSEN40. In conjunction with our patented dipstik® structural assessment, a detailed calculation is completed to identify column strength thus averting the potential for catastrophic collapse due to column overload.

Are your festive decorations structurally safe?

Every responsible agency is aware of the danger posed by unsound street lighting columns, which can corrode where they can’t even be seen – below ground. So, if you are an asset owner (such as a parish or district council) or responsible for a lighting scheme supporting festive decorations then act now.

Call before 31st October to guarantee your EN40 design testing for Christmas 2019.

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