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Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

8th December 2021

We are continually reviewing guidance issued by Government and Health Authorities to ensure the safety of our employees and staff and to minimise any additional potential risks to our operations posed by Covid-19. We issue this statement as part of the periodic review of our processes and procedures in relation to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Throughout the worldwide pandemic, our essential staff have been working on the UK’s highways, ensuing that the roads remain safe and operational for our Keyworkers. We will continue with this work, ensuring the same for the businesses that will drive the Nation’s economy forward.

All workstreams that fall under ETL Highways, ETL Connections and ETL Training now operate as ‘business as usual’ in accordance with Government advice for the Construction, Business and Transport Sectors, advice directly from Government Ministers on media channels and advice from Trade Associations.

We remain keenly committed to providing a high-quality service. Our new working arrangements have worked well during the restrictions imposed during this Pandemic, with our own staff, and just as importantly our clients staying supportive and flexible in this most challenging of times.

More information is available on our website at and we will issue further updates should circumstances alter our current position of ‘business as usual’.

Simon Hobbs

Managing Director

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