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Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

4th January 2020

As the situation caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are continually reviewing guidance issued by government health authorities to ensure the safety of our employees and minimise any potential risks to our operations.

The Government confirmed today that the restrictions put in place over the Christmas period would be strengthened, with the introduction of another National Lockdown. Additionally, the return to education establishments for school age children has been generally postponed until 15th February 2021.

We have therefore taken the decision to suspend all classroom-based activities associated with our Training Division.Whilst this training is carried out within the Construction sector, our assessment is that in line with Government advice, moving staff between Tiers, and mixing in classrooms is an unnecessary risk. Where it is possible to carry out site-based assessments, such as those associated with NVQ provision, we will continue to provide this service.

We will review this position again on the 12th February 2021, in line with secondary and tertiary education.

All other workstreams that fall under ETL Highways and ETL Connections remain ‘business as usual’ in accordance with Government advice for the Construction, Business and Transport Sectors (see links below), advice directly from Government Ministers on media channels and advice from Trade Associations.

It is crucial that our teams continue to maintain electrical equipment on our highways so that all key workers can continue to do their jobs in these difficult and challenging times.

All of our office-based workforce are now working remotely, and our head office is closed, while our on-site operatives will be in the field, complying with all social distancing advice – which is relayed and refreshed to them cyclically.

Our main office telephone line has been diverted to our remote call centre where all communication can be co-ordinated, and our Managers and Supervisors can be contacted in the usual way via email and cell phones.

We remain passionately committed to continuing to provide our high-quality service and our new working arrangements have worked well during this changeover for our business, this is helped by the understanding and flexibility that our clients have shown in these challenging times.

More information is available on our website at and we will issue further updates should circumstances alter our current position of ‘Business as usual’.

Simon Hobbs

Managing Director


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