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Here you will find useful tutorial videos on using our in house software as well as some informative videos on our processes on site.

Across ETL Highways and ETL Solutions, we’ve built and designed software to enable our clients to access information on their test results and column replacement works.

We will update this page with new videos, but if there is something specific you’d like to see then please let us know.

ETL Highways Logo

ETL Highways clients will have access to our Easyweb 5 portal.

In this tutorial, Matt McDonald talks us through how to use Easyweb 5 to view structural results and generate your own reports.

He will also explain our Risk Score Indicator and the algorithms details that produce the score result.

ETL Connections Logo

ETL Connections clients have access to our ICP Solutions Portal.

In this tutorial, Greg Jarvis explains the basics of using the portal and how to view the status of your connections work.

He will also explain how to download reports and task sheets.

ETL Highways utilise dipstik® technology to carry out non destructive testing on steel lighting columns. This video shows the process in action.

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