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Below you find a library of our webinar events. Click on the image to take you to the webinar video.

BS EN40 Design

Broadcast: Thursday 11th February 2021

Presented By: James Hill

James Hill, Sales Director explains the purpose and requirements around EN40 designs. This webinar will be especially useful for those persons responsible for festive lighting, summer baskets or column attachments such as signs, LED lanterns and cameras.

Safe Isolation & Electrical Safety

Broadcast: Thursday 10th December, 2020

Presented By: Simon Hobbs

Simon discusses what precautions workers must take when working on, or near live electrical systems. He uses examples in the highway electrical industry, however the principles will equally apply to the most complex low voltage installations. Simon also discusses the use of Electrical permits-to-work & techniques for working safely with unidentified cables.

An Introduction to ICP's

Broadcast: Thur 13th August, 2020

Presented By: Greg Jarvis

What is an ICP? What do they do and how do I find one? DNO, NERS, ENA, OFGEM. What do they mean? Greg gives a brief overview of the introduction to ICPs from their inception to the market place, outlining their capabilities and their role in the market place compared to the DNO. A 30 minute update on ICP… and he’ll explain what a ENATS is!

Highway Electrical Equipment - Key Legislation

Broadcast: Thurs 2nd July, 2020

Presented By: Simon Hobbs

Prompted by the Electricity at Work Regulations recently turning 30 years old, in this webinar Simon Hobbs will be carrying out a whistlestop run through the key legislation in the highway electrical sector.

If you thought there were any grey areas, then this webinar will clarify the absolutes.

Electric Vehicle for the less well informed

Broadcast: Thurs 7th May, 2020

Presented By: Greg Jarvis

Has the introduction of EV vehicles & chargers caught you out? Do you nod along when talk starts about EV chargers & kWh charge rates when in actual fact you don’t know what they are talking about. Greg Jarvis provides a friendly & fun introduction to the world of EV vehicles, chargers & sheds some light on the challenges faced by the government to get us to go green.

18th Edition

Broadcast: Thurs 30th April, 2020

Presented By: Simon Hobbs

Managing Director Simon Hobbs provides an insight into the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. He explains why some people are getting it wrong and how the new regulations could cost the industry million of pounds. 

Acceptable in the 80's

Broadcast: Thurs 23th April, 2020

Presented By: James Hill

James Hill gives his award winning and now updated paper on the correlation between his pride and joy, a BMW 325i Sport and street lighting columns installed in the 80’s. A must see. Shell suits may be worn.

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