BSEN40 Design – 2021 Webinar

As requested by a number of clients, our next webinar covers BSEN40 designs.

James Hill, Sales Director is joined by David Lodge our design consultant to explain the purpose and requirements around EN40 designs. This webinar will be especially useful for those persons responsible for festive lighting, summer baskets or column attachments such as signs, LED lanterns and cameras.

The webinar will fill out usual 11am GMT slot, last approx 30mins and be broadcast via ZOOM. For those that cannot access ZOOM, we are looking at the possibility of broadcasting via YouTube. The webinar will be available to view on our webinar library page the day after.

Thursday 11th February – To design or not to design? That is the question.


James Hill, Sales Director will introduce the British Standard EN40 design for attachments on lighting columns. Joined by David Lodge, design consultant, this webinar will talk through column testing requirements for all attachments and will be useful for any person responsible for a festive lights or hanging baskets.

To view this webinar, click here.