What We Do

LV Connections

Our ETL Connections business can carry out all contestable works across all LV Distribution Network Operators (DNO) networks under the Lloyds National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS).

Our works can include all civils tasks as well as duct and cable laying and live and dead (private network) jointing. We cover the full range of NERS scopes available to ICPs including design.

As part of our jointing activity, we can undertake installation work of street furniture such as column, lanterns and feeder pillars.

Activity Types

LV Live and Dead Jointing

Our jointer only service can work on assets on any DNO network across the UK subject to agreements required. Depending on the authorisations of other contractors, our services can include all civils and traffic management requirements,

Turnkey Column Replacement

We can provide a one stop shop to replace street furniture such as columns, feeder pillars and belisha beacons. We operate 18 tonne HGV HIABS for the install and removal of furniture and MEWP vehicles for high level access.

Overhead Lines

We are authorised to carry out all OHL activity including the shrouding of cables (for our own works) and can perform disconnections, transfers and new connections to newly installed columns.

NERS Scopes

Electrical Design of Transmission Networks - Partial Electrical Design of Distribution Networks - Full
Network Connections (Operational) - Full
Jointing (LV Dead / LV Live) - Full
Civils Works - Full
Cable Laying (LV) - Full / HV - Partial
Network Connections (Jointing) Metered / LV / Unmetered / LV Mains and Services / LV Terminations - Full
Highway Electrical Equipment Unmetered - Full

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