Electrical Testing

We carry out work for local authorities and major contractors on highways assets across the UK. Our service covers the electrical inspection of street furniture, including street lighting columns, feeder pillars and electric vehicle chargers. 

Electrical inspection and testing services are carried out for compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act, Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and in accordance with the IET Requirements for Electrical Installations, (BS7671:2018) and associated Guidance Notes 1 to 8.


Structural Testing

Our structural inspection and testing service is a ‘top to toe’ assessment of a street lighting column, above and below ground, to check for any risk of structural collapse.

Electrical Testing are the owners of Dipstik® technology, recognised as a non destructive test method in the Institution of Lighting Professionals GN22 Guidance Notes. Our structural inspection activity, utilising the dipstik®, helps asset owners satisfy their obligations and legal responsibilities for safely maintaining their Highway Electrical Assets. 

Other Highway Services


BSEN40 is a structural design analysis which is achieved by performing a Structural Inspection and Test on the column, taking detailed measurements and parameters to ensure they meet European standards.

To determine if your lighting columns can withstand the additional load of an attachment, you should complete a structural test with a design demonstrating compliance to BSEN40. In conjunction with our patented dipstik® structural assessment, a detailed calculation is completed to identify column strength thus averting the potential for catastrophic collapse due to column overload.

Every responsible agency is aware of the danger posed by unsound street lighting columns, where corrosion can occur that can’t be seen – below ground. If you are an asset owner (such as a parish / district council) or responsible for a lighting scheme supporting seasonal decorations, you are required by law to ensure the lighting asset is capable of taking the additional load.

Seasonal decorations may include:

  • Hanging baskets
  • Festive lights
  • Directional signs
  • Promotional banners
  • CCTV
  • WIFI Units

Cable Route Tracing

Our expertise and hi-tech equipment mean we can undertake detailed and accurate underground cable route tracing and plotting on to electronic background maps. Using GPS, offsets and electronic measurement, we can locate or trace the actual route of a cable and its precise depth.

Inventory Data Collection

We have developed engineering application software and we lead the way in internet access for inspection and testing protocol for street lights. We offer a complete inventory data collection service for all of your electrical highway assets.

All surveys can be in accordance with DfT or Well Lit Highway standards or to a completely bespoke requirement. Data will be supplied in formats that can be uploaded into the most used Highway Lighting Management Systems including Mayrise and Confirm.

Cable Fault Finding & Repair

One of our specialised skills is in tracking underground cable faults whether on a major motorway network or under a small playing field.

We offer a complete service which includes:

  • Taking control of electrical safety
  • Pinpointing the fault
  • Excavation
  • Repair of the cable
  • Testing of the repaired cable and return to service
  • Reinstatement of the ground

One of our highly experienced chartered engineers will take overall responsibility for each fault location and we will use both bespoke test equipment and the latest hi-tech visual and acoustic test equipment available from leading manufacturers.

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