Electrical Testing Launches Easyweb 5

April 1st 2019, saw the reboot of arguably one of Electrical Testing\’s most important in house designed software platforms.

Easyweb 5.

The web portal, enables clients to access their structural & electrical testing data through an online platform that can be accessed any time and and anywhere. The new look brings a modern, easy to view dashboard of the results, while the advanced tab enables clients to delve deeper into their data and highlight specific or multiple criteria such as column material, column height, types of defects or specific streets to name a few.

The original Easyweb platform was created in 1990 and written in dBASE, (an integrated navigational database system) by Electrical Testing\’s founder Alan Hobbs. It was used as a platform for clients to view streetlighting and building testing data results and was light years ahead of competitors who returned their results on paper.



Almost 30 years and 2 upgrades later, Easyweb 5 brings the original idea of clients accessing their data in reports but with new tools and functionality such as mapping, defects by street and estimated residual life. As the industry and the standards change and documentation provides guidance on dealing with with assets in the highway, so our reporting has changed to make our clients job of understanding the results easier.






Simon Hobbs, Managing Director says, \”With almost half a million assets being visited every year by Electrical Testing staff, the need for simpler and easy to understand reporting has never been greater and I\’m thrilled to introduce our Easyweb 5 portal to not only our existing clients, but also to potential new clients who might still be getting their results on paper!\”