Setting the Standard: Success in Delivering the EUSR Power Skills Programme

At Electrical Testing Ltd (ETL), we’re proud to announce a major achievement. Our team of cable jointers has successfully completed an intensive year-long training programme under the EUSR Power Skills Programme. This is a major achievement, showing the hard work and dedication of our team. Every jointer has come out of this programme with improved skills, ready to tackle the challenges in our industry. This collective success sets a new benchmark in our commitment to professional growth and excellence.

ETL’s Involvement in the Power Skills Scheme
The Power Skills Scheme, a crucial initiative by Energy & Utility Skills, aims to create a consistent level of competency across the UK’s Electricity Supply Industry (ESI). As an approved training provider, ETL has been at the forefront of implementing this comprehensive programme. This role is a clear indication of our expertise in the field and our commitment to developing top-quality training that meets industry needs.

The scheme, based on over 80 agreed-upon skills standards, ensures that training and competencies are uniform across the industry. By being involved in both training and assessment, ETL has taken a proactive role in not just following industry standards but actively shaping them.

The Robust Nature of EUSR Training
The Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) is at the heart of training and skills development in the energy and utilities sectors. Its association with the Energy & Utility Skills Group adds to the robustness and relevance of the training provided. EUSR training is known for its thoroughness and focus on real-world skills, ensuring that those who complete it are well-equipped to meet the industry’s demands.

ETL’s journey through the Power Skills Programme over the past year involved intensive training and assessment, focusing on a range of critical skills in LV Cable Jointing and related technical areas. This process was about more than just learning; it was about mastering the necessary skills to excel in the field.

ETL’s Achievement and Impact
Our team’s dedication throughout the year-long programme is a testament to our commitment to excellence in the electrical engineering sector. We not only equipped our staff with the latest skills and knowledge but also demonstrated our capability as a leading training provider in the industry.

Our journey through the programme, especially through the approved programme route, showcased our ability to adapt and excel in a challenging and evolving environment.

Completing the EUSR Power Skills Programme as an approved training provider marks a significant accomplishment for ETL. It highlights our dedication to quality and professional development in the electrical engineering field. This success is more than just an achievement for our team; it represents our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards in training and competency within the industry.