New wheels!

As 2019 roles on, our existing and increasing staff requirements require new vehicles and so we were thrilled to receive our first new vehicle of 2019 this week.

Straight off the production line, these new vehicles are more fuel efficient and kinder to the environment. They require less maintenance and are more reliable, especially given the miles and tough conditions we have to put them through.

Simon Hobbs, Managing Director of Electrical Testing said, \”These vehicles are fantastic compared to the vans of yesteryear that I was driving. With up to a 100 staff on sites across the country, I know what it was like to be driving many miles to and from site and its important that as a business we are ¬†seen to be leading the way in fuel efficient vehicles and improving our carbon footprint. We are also looking into electric vehicles but feel that we are little way off before that becomes a reality for us.\”

This new vehicle will be the first of up to 30 that will be swapped out in 2019.