The Illuminators raise over £2000 for Cancer Research

Together with 3 equally obsessed golfers, our own Greg Jarvis took to the links to raise money for charity, and in the process raised over £2000 and counting.

The brain child behind this Herculean effort was Ringway Milton Keynes\’ own Gary Thorne, who with his colleagues Dave Hand and Dean Stead, dragged Greg into the fray kicking and screaming. Actually, there was no kicking and screaming, at least not at first. It wasn\’t until 6.30pm, 10 hours and 72 holes later that screaming started as four weary golfers completed the final hole of their epic challenge.


The goal was to raise money for Cancer Research by completing 72 holes in a day and gain sponsorship for their efforts. Companies and individuals alike supported the four, and a few days after the event, when the swelling had subsided and normality had returned to the act of walking, the total stood at £2120.

\”I\’ve not done enough charity work so the opportunity to combine my passion for golf and raise money at the same time was too good to miss,\” said Greg. \”Normally people say when playing golf, it\’s better than working, but I\’m not sure we felt that way at the start of our 3rd round. We started at 5.40am and finished around 4.30pm having had a couple of breaks and a decent lunch but were still cream-crackered at the end.\” Gary Thorne added: \”We had a great laugh, mostly at Dave\’s expense but we loved it and it was for a really great cause. I\’m really pleased we\’ve been able to raise so much and we know there is more to come which is great.\”

If you\’d like to donate there is still time. Simply head to our team\’s fundraising page.