Safe Isolation and Electrical Safety Webinar

Here we are again, another lockdown! During the first lockdown, we provided some half hour, coffee break webinars to keep in touch with people who we could no longer see in person. We covered topics such as, Structural Testing, 18th Edition, EV Charging and Key Electrical Legislation. If you missed these, you can watch any of our previous webinars by visiting our Webinar Library page.

A number of people however, requested a webinar on issues such as safe isolation and electrical safety. So, step forward Simon Hobbs our managing director and nominated Health & Safety officer, who will be giving a webinar on these very topics.

So mark your diary, 11am, Thursday 10th December, 2020. The webinar as usual, will last approx 30 mins.

If you can\’t make, don\’t worry. You will be able to watch it after the event on our Webinar library page.

Thursday 10th December – Safe Isolation & Electrical Safety

\"SafeSimon will be discussing what precautions workers must take when working on, or near live electrical systems. He will use examples in the highway electrical industry, however the principles will equally apply to the most complex low voltage installations. Simon will also discuss the use of Electrical permits-to-work & techniques for working safely with unidentified cables.

To view this webinar, click here.